Deepen Your Practice - Prerequisite: Reiki II -  Next Class: October 9, 2017

Deepen Your Practice is a correspondence course designed to give one- on- one mentorship through 5- weeks of lessons. Lessons will be 
380627_2474112751907_1825093669_1424941_234185663_nemailed on consecutive Mondays.  Upon completion of homework, students will email feedback and any questions that arise.

April provides individual feedback via email.  Once all homework is completed, students receive a Certificate of Completion.

Individualized attention and mentoring through a variety of Reiki exercises and practices.   The course is designed to deepen your personal relationship with Reiki in meaningful and long-lasting ways.

“This course helped my confidence so much! I was amazed” - Thelma Carver, Modesto CA

"I am so glad I took this course.  Wonderful teacher."-Amy Wagnor, Springfield AR

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