ART (Advanced Reiki Training)

July 7, 8 & 9, 2017

Advanced Reiki Training & Reiki Master Training

Prerequisite: 6 Months Reiki Level II

*ART and Master are normally taught together

  • The Usui Master attunement, which increases the strength of your Reiki.
  • The Usui Master symbol, which increases the effectiveness of the Reiki II symbols and can be used for healing consciousness.
  • Advanced techniques for using Reiki to solve problems and achieve goals.
  • How to make a Reiki grid 
  • Meditations
  • Exercises will be given for those planning to take Reiki III/Master training.

Reiki Master/Level III

  • Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master attunement.
  • Instruction and practice in giving all attunments.
  • A special technique known as a healing attunment, which heals and strengthens the effectiveness of sessions.
  • Two Tibetan symbols are taught, and experienced.
  • Advanced Reiki meditation 
  • Discussion on the values and ethical considerations for a Reiki Master.
  • A detailed class manual is included, providing detailed steps for giving all attunments. Although successful completion of this class provides tools necessary to pass Reiki on to others and to teach, some people take the class for their own use or to help family and friends.

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Give the gift of Reiki: Consider sponsoring a Reiki class for someone or trade for future sessions.

The course includes manual and certificates

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Words from Students:

Learning Reiki from you has been a pleasure. You are a gracious joyful teacher who can work with each individual on there own learning style. Since I am an unusual type learner, I was delighted to find that you were so talented. That you could teach so well across the board.  My biggest obstacle was visualizing the symbols. I had some reservation to connecting with them on some level and you were patient and gentle with me. You allowed me to find my own acceptance towards the symbols. I took a leap of faith to join in on a master class with you and I am so glad I did. I fell in love with the symbols and the discipline it took to know them, visually, auditory, and drawing them. This has been a powerful process for me. My life has changed for the better, I have more energy, I am happier, and I have more fun and am more conscious. I can stay in love, light and peace. I can make conscious choices on a moment- to- moment basis. I no longer feel driven by life, rather able to take in what I choose. It is like I have found a filter of protection, love and light, Its all good, cant go wrong when Reiki is involved.

Thanks April for all your growth and loving work. You are a one of a kind.
- Carolyn  W., Sonora CA

Reiki is a great tool for anyone looking for a modality that moves energy through places one would only hope to imagine. During Reiki classes, multiple times was I amazed at the power of and consciousness that goes into the work, This practice, I believe, has the power to change the world.
- Tom McDonnell