Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is different. The typical recommendation is 3 - 5 sessions, although even one session will be affective and allow you to experience results from the work.

How long do I wait between sessions?

It is recommended that 24 to 48 hours be allowed between sessions to allow the body time to catch up the shifts that are made each session.

What is an initial Body Code Exam

This service is a complete evaluation of the body performed by proxy over email or a phone appointment with April. It includes testing for structural imbalances, low-grade pathogens, nutritional imbalances, toxins, all organ and gland circuits, trapped emotions and Heart Wall.  It will also be determined how well your immune system if functioning, how well your brain is communicating with other organs and glands and how well your heart is communicating with the rest of your body.  Includes a complete written report of findings and recommendations for future care.  It is a great way to know what to work on as well as measure your progress.

Is a face to face session better than a distance session?

No, distance sesions are focused without distractions resulting in very effective sessions for clients.  Face to face and phone sessions do allow for more questions as the work is being done. 

Where can I order a package?

Click here to order a package

Can I share a 10 package with Family?

Yes packages of 10 may be shared.  Due to the discounts already given, a Heart Wall package is for one individual and a gift certificate package of three is for three different .

How long do I have to use sessions?

It is advised to schedule your sessions after purchasing your packages and not waiting too long.  Sessions may be used for up to 4 months.

If I refer someone can I get a discount?

My business has been built on word of mouth. Your confidence in my work and referrals are appreciated. I offer a thank you gift of 25.00 off your next appointment per every new client you referred. Yes, these thank you points may be applied to gift certificates for others.

 What about people who try to prove you wrong or that are not very open, will it still work? 

“It will be very difficult for you to help people like this, if not impossible. If someone doesn't want it to work, or doesn't believe it works, then it won't- not for them anyway!! If they are open minded you'll have an easier time. If they believe you can help them and have faith in the technique, you'll have much more success. Don't waste your time trying to convince the stubborn and closed-minded when there are plenty of open-minded people out there who need your help just as badly!” Dr. Brad

 What is it like after a session?

The body has to "process" every emotion that is experienced. A normal, healthy emotional experience is when   you feel the emotion and let it go right then and there, and the processing is done immediately. When an emotion becomes trapped, the body does not go through this processing period and is unable to let the emotion go on its own. When you release an emotion with The Emotion Code, the body finally is allowed to go through this processing period- or healing period, which usually lasts for a day or so. About 20% of the time, people will notice "symptoms" of processing, such as: emotional sensitivity, crying, sleeplessness, a need for more sleep, vivid dreams, etc. Very rarely, an exacerbation of physical or emotional symptoms occurs, but like all processing it should only last about a day or maybe two. Most people tend to feel lighter and happier after an emotional release- if this doesn't occur right after the  release it usually occurs after the processing period is over with.” Dr.Brad



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